I went on a trip to Korea recently and I had a bit of a hard time communicating with the locals when asking for directions. There may be maps, but this supplements can be difficult to understand at times. Despite the language barrier, I was able to get around the city well.

During the trip, I took time to visit the supermarket to find some goodies. I was hoping to buy instant jajangmyeon to take home and selected one that looked like it based on the picture in the packet. Upon arriving home and consulting the internet, I found out that the noodles I bought was Udon and not jajangmyeon! I guess this is what happens when you don’t have a clue at what the labels say. (Booo!)

Going back to the udon mistaken as jajangmyeon… My brother and I wanted to try the stuff since it looks yummy. The problem is, we can’t read the instructions 😦 There aren’t illustrations on how to cook it as well so we left our instincts to do the cooking! Looks like we guessed well since it tasted like noodles after we cooked it. Hehe.

Spanish, Italian or French might have been easier to understand since the writing is similar to English. Hangeul is just so different like Chinese, Thai, Japanese and other writings. Don’t you wish you could understand every language there is? It’ll make the world a better place since we’ll be able to communicate more effectively but the world will lose it’s mystique. Maybe it’s time for me to learn Hangeul, I really like Korea after all.