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This a long overdue post! I know… I promise to be more diligent in writing. That’s my New Year’s resolution right there 😀

Taking a trip to a place for the first time takes a lot of research. Some people choose to book arranged tours, but for some people like me, planning and researching for the trip makes the trip more worth while. While there are a lot of places of interest in Seoul, in this post, I will be listing my top 10 list of places too see in Seoul. A visit to these places is highly recommended (not just by myself) if ever you find yourself travelling to this city.

Top 6-10 are in this post. Please watch out for Top 1-5 in my next post.

Here goes:

10. N Seoul Tower

This is a communication and observation tower located at Namsam (Nam Mountain). Here you can visit the observation deck and the Teddy Bear Museum. If you’re travelling with your special someone, this is one of the best place to visit. They have trees and railings where you can leave padlocks with your love notes and then throw the keys to the locks in the mountain after. They say that doing so will ensure that your love lasts forever.

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower

Inside the observation deck The view from the observation deck Wall of locks Lock Trees

9. Myeongdong

Shopping mecca! Need I say more? :p Shopaholics beware, this place will make you drool. International brands have shops here but what I find most amazing about Myeongdong is the shop after shop of Korean beauty products. From The Face Shop to The Saem, they all have it here. And they don’t just have one boutique in this shopping labyrinth, most brands maintain several shops! That’s how hot these Korean beauty products are. Make sure to drop by this place not just for some retail therapy but also for food. Most of the popular international fast food chains and coffee shops have branches here, not that you’d want to eat there when there is an endless array of Korean restaurants available.

Myeongdong 1 Myeongdong 2 Meyongdong 3

8. Cheonggyecheon (Cheonggye Stream)

Cheonggye Stream is a public recreation space which was revived by the Korean government a few years back. In the past, the stream was littered with shabby makeshift houses but these were eventually turned down to give way to an elevated highway. In an effort to re-introduce nature into the heart of the city, the City Government decided to remove the elevated highway and restore the stream. Mind though that the water currently running in the stream is not natural but is delivered to it through pumps. Nevertheless, this is a good place to stroll especially at night. The stream is 5.8 km long with the starting point near the Seoul Plaza.

IMG_1968 IMG_1971 IMG_1974

7. Gwanghwamun Square

Gwanghwamun Square is a public open space with the Gwanghwamun Gate of Gyeongbokgung and Mt. Inwangsan as back drop. In the square, you will find the statue of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun Sin. For the most breathtaking view, opt to ride the subway to get here and at exit 9, you will be amazed by the vastness of the square and the view it beholds. Cheonggyecheon is only a few minutes walk from the square in case you want to visit the stream at daytime.

King Sejong Statue 1 Admiral Yi Sun-sin IMG_0070 - Copy IMG_0077 - Copy IMG_0080 - Copy

6. Ewha Womans University

I know, this is a school. But you have to believe me when I tell you that this place is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to! The campus’ beauty is more outstanding during Autumn so be sure to drop by if you’re around Seoul during that season. It’s not just the campus which is worth visiting, the neighborhood where Ewha is located is vibrant and charming. You will find a lot of shops and restaurants in the area as well.

Ewha Womans 1Ewha Womans 2Ewha Womans 3Ewha Womans 4