Ever wonder why Filipino families decorate their tables with various round fruits during New Year’s Eve? Blame it to feng shui experts who says that serving X number of round fruits during NYE will bring good fortune.

This true for my family too, we always have an array of fruits around which our grandmother encourages us to eat after the revelry. I’m not keen of fruits, in fact, the only fruit that I eat most of the time is banana. Although we have a big family, it takes time before we can consume all those fruits especially the pears since no one really likes those.

While looking at the fruits, my brother suddenly came up with another theory on why we have to serve fruits during NYE. He says that since people has been eating non-stop and possibly unhealthily since Christmas (or even before that for some), this is a way to make people eat fruits which is a more healthy option than the usual holiday feast of ham, cheese and other meats.

And so, I therefore conclude that feng shui experts are not conniving with fruit wholesalers and fruit shop owners but are only looking out for the welfare of the public. If not that, our belief actually saves is from eating more unhealthy food and forces us to eat fruits instead since they will rot if we don’t consume them.

Happy New Year everyone!

Eat wisely 🙂