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Since I wanted to start off the year trying out new restaurants and posting my review on my blog, this is probably the best time to announce that I’ll be posting monthly installments about food under the subject, Foodgasmic. To start off, here’s my very first post on the subject and I hope my love of food will rub off onto my readers as well 😉.

What’s with the title? No, I’m not cursing you. Bullchef is one of the quaint eateries that I recently visited in Kapitolyo. I was able to learn about this place through a GMA News TV’s Poptalk. Their specialty, brace yourself… BULALO! *drool* thus the name Bullchef which is short for Bulalo Chef. Yes, when I heard and saw the bulalo footages on TV, I know right away that I’m bound to visit the place. With no hesitations even though I’m still trying to lose the holiday weight gain, I set off to Kapitolyo, Pasig.

My first impression when I saw the place is that it looks like your typical
hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The interior is simple with only the basic wooden tables and chairs, the walls covered with pictures of celebrities among others and on another wall is a cool graffiti of Bull Chef.

When they gave me the menu, true enough, most of the dishes that they serve are variations of bulalo. I already know what to order even before coming to the place. In Poptalk, they had asimBULL or Sinigang na Bulalo, intrigued by the dish I decided to give it a go. A serving of asimBULL is good for 2 persons and is served with 2 cups of rice. All for the costs of only 225 pesos! Not bad, eh? After a few mintues, a steaming bowl of soup with various vegetables was served and it didn’t disappoint. The soup was flavorful and doesn’t need additional condiments. There was a good serving of bulalo meat inside and they are very generous on the vegetables. The best part, the soup also comes with a bone marrow! Come to think of it, it isn’t bulalo without a bone marrow!

Do I recommend the place?
Yes. Not for those who are hypertensive or on a diet though.

Will I come again?
Definitely! I’ll try the original bulalo next time 😄

For the menu list, you may visit: Zomato

Location: 4 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City