A friend of mine recently got married in Baguio and I was invited to witness their union. This gave me a reason to visit the City of Pines once again and enjoy the cool climate. Baguio is a 6-hour bus ride from Manila, however, we were greeted by what seemed like endless road works along the way which prolonged the trip.

Since we arrived later than expected, we had to rush to the hotel to change into formal clothes for the wedding. It turned out that we weren’t late though since the bride’s pictorial session was extended. After the wedding ceremony at Baguio Cathedral, we made our way to Baguio Country Club for the reception. It’s my first time there and the place looks amazing.

What transpired after the wedding is a series of events I never thought we could pull off since we had very limited time, 13 hours to our ETD to be exact. We went back to the hotel after the reception and arrived around 10pm. After freshening up and changing our clothes, we went back outside to hunt for a good place to chill. It was late in the evening but there are still a some people on the streets which kept me at ease. Enjoying the cool weather, we made our way to Session Road on foot and spotted a bar with an acoustic band performing. The Bohemian is the name the place and it is located at one of the side streets along Session Road. We shared a bucket of beer among us, chatted and sang with the band as the night passed. While making our way back to the hotel, we saw a night market and decided to check it out after that we had some good ‘ol “isaw” (grilled chicken intestines) from a hawker near our hotel. But we didn’t go back to the hotel just yet! There is this store selling “lugaw” (rice porridge) across the hotel and we ate there before calling it a night.

The next day was a breeze! After washing up and having breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and made our way to Good Shepherd, this is where they sell the famous Ube of Baguio and some other good stuff. I didn’t go there for the Ube though since I wanted Angel Cookies and Alfajor! Satisfied with our purchase, we checked out some fruit vendors outside Good Shepherd and I bought some huge Sagada Oranges for my brother. We made our way to Mines View Park on foot and took some pictures in the view deck. Since it was almost noon after our trip to Mines View Park, we hailed a cab and made our way to Sizzling Plate (which is only across our hotel) to grab some lunch. They offer mostly steak and other types of meat. I had Australian Rib-eye and wasn’t dissapointed especially because the price is only P250! Since we could still squeeze some sightseeing before heading to the bus terminal and Burnham Park is only a few minutes walk from the hotel, we decided to walk there and take some pictures. We made our way to the bus terminal 40 minutes before our reserved time and arrived 35 minutes before the departure time. While the sitting on the bus and waiting for the other passengers, I realized that we had exactly 24 hours in Baguio and we were able to make the most out of it. Who knew we would be able to enjoy the trip even though we had a very short stay? It was time well spent indeed and worth the 14 hour back and forth bus ride! I’ll be back some other time Baguio!