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Pizza lovers rejoice! There is now a place where you can choose whatever topping which goes on your pizza, the sauce too! Heck, you can choose to top your pizza with loads of cheese, just cheese and that’s pretty fine! This place is Project Pie. They opened their first branch along Shaw Blvd. last year and recently opened one in Bluebay at Metropolitan Park which is along EDSA-Macapagal.

We went there on a Friday night and the place was packed! Imagine waiting in line for 30 minutes then waiting again for another 10 minutes before you can get your pizza, fresh out of the oven. It was madness! We saw a lot of people turning back when they saw the line. Not us though, we were determined to get our fill of our personally designed pizza.

Let’s go down to business now. What do they offer? That’s a no brainer right there, the menu is all pizza! You can choose to Build Your Own pizza for P285 or if you don’t really want to make your own, Order by Number among 7 variants (they don’t have names, just numbers). For weight-watchers, they also sell a few salads and for dessert, hold it…. How does Banana Nutella in a pizza pie sound? Yes, they actually have dessert pizzas!

Let’s go back to the main attraction, the Build Your Own Pizza (which is quite an experience). Once you get to the ordering area, you will see that there is a different person manning each area in the pizza production line process. One is in-charge of operating the dough pressing machine which makes the pie crust and she’s also the one who will ask you if you want white or red sauce in your pizza. After that is the cheese area, meat area and finally, the greens area. You’re not done there though, because before they bake your pizza, another person will hand you a paper with your name written on it and all the toppings that went into your pizza. Make your way to the cashier, hand over the paper and pay for your order. We realized later on that they write all the ingredients that went into your pizza to determine who owns which after baking. Tough job! I wonder if they’ve already made a mistake there? Hmmm. Anyway, once your pizza is already cooked to perfection, they will announce your name so you can claim it and you can finally dig in!

Here is the list of toppings that you can choose from:
Cheese: mozzarella/feta/gorgonzola/ricotta/parmesan
Meat: pepperoni/italian sausage/crumpled meatballs/bacon/grilled chicken/canadian bacon/prosciutto/anchovies
Greens: red onions/green bell peppers/jalapenos/cilantro/roasted red peppers/tomatoes/caramelized onions/fresh mushrooms/garlic/rosemary/pineapple/artichokes/freshly chopped basil/black olives

You can also add Pesto and BBQ sauce if you want.

What’s the verdict? Since I chose my own ingredients, I’d say my pizza tasted pretty good. The crust is also nice and crunchy (thin crust). I’d probably steer clear of the crumpled meat balls (really not that tasty) and the garlic too (no scent or taste whatsoever) next time. Everything else was okay though.

Do I recommend the place?
Yes, but only to those who really likes to try new places. This place is quite hip and I think will hit it off well with younger people. Not exactly for those who are very impatient due to long lines/waiting time.

Will I visit again?
Yes. I love pizza.

Bluebay Walk, EDSA-Macapagal