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I’ve been going around town sampling scrumptious food last week. I feel fat and bloated right now but I’m more than willing to eat good food in case anyone offers me one ๐Ÿ˜‰. Where have I been? The restaurants I visited are not exactly new to the market or hidden from the public’s eye since I’ve seen them showcased in TV a few times. Without further ado, here are the restos in no particular order:

SILANTRO: Fil-Mex Cantina

Craving for nachos, quesadillas or burrito? Drop by Silantro Kapitolyo for a cheesy-meaty fix. I’ve seen this restaurant featured on TV a few times which means that the food is really that good. That’s the reason why my bestfriend and I decided to go out of our way to visit this much talked about restaurant. The place itself is not that big and it is always packed. We went there at 5pm on a weekend and almost all tables were occupied, a few more minutes and there were people waiting in line outside. That’s how popular this place is!

Since it was our first time here, we didn’t really know the serving portions. We ended up ordering beef quesadillas, beef nachos (we love beef), chicken wings and margarita for each of us. I was quite shocked when the nachos arrived since it was a monstrosity! It will be a feat finishing this one up, I thought. And we ordered two other entrees so go figure. The quesadillas were not what we were expecting too, there were two tortillas overflowing with meat and cheese (it was probably half an inch thick). I’ve never seen a quesadilla like that. I told my bestfriend that they should probably call it beef and cheese with tortilla. The chicken, well, it was quite what I was expecting.

The food is really good and it is noteworthy to add that they actually use meat chunks (probably braised since they’re really soft) for the nachos and quesadillas which is so cool (and delicious). I didn’t really like the chicken wings, they’re not exactly as tender as I like and it’s not so flavorful. The margarita was mixed just right and the alcohol isn’t that strong (i think). We didn’t finish all the food not because we didn’t like it but because there was too many for two!

The verdict? This place gets a two thumbs up!

Do I recommend the place? Yes! Be sure to get there early though, otherwise, you might wait in line for a long time. Another problem is that you’ll have to eat faster and probably have no time to socialize with whoever you are with since there are a lot of people waiting. This, I have observed, is a typical problem with restaurants in Kapitolyo. But I assure you though that the food is worth waiting in line for. Plus, it wont bust your bank! We only paid around 700 bucks for all the food and drinks we ordered and it was probably good for 3-4 persons.

Will I visit again? Definitely!

Location: East Capitol Hills Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig



From top left to bottom right: Beef Nachos, Chicken Wings, Beef Quesadillas and Margarita

YABU: House of Katsu


I’ve heard this place from my brother way way back but I’ve never really gotten a chance to eat here despite them opening up a branch at The Block. And it’s because the food here is not exactly on the cheap side and right now, I’m all about cheap eats. Hehe. Anyway, a friend of mine owes me bigtime for cancelling on me quite a few times last year so when we met last Thursday for her treat, I told her that we should try Yabu. Finally!

So we were there and they gaveย us the menu. When I surveyed the offerings, it was indeed the house of katsu. Haha. Different types of pork, there was chicken and seafoods as well. All of them battered and deep fried. The price was stagerring, one set can cost you 570 bucks and that doesn’t include service charge. Their premier katsu set is Kurobota pork and the most expensive on the menu. I went for Rosu which they say is pork sourced from America. A katsu set comes with unlimited rice, shredded cabbage, miso soup and watermelon. After me made our order, a server approached us carrying a small bowl full of sesame seeds with a pestle. She then though us how to prepare our own katsu dipping sauce by grinding the sesame seeds then putting 2 scoops of their special sauce.

After waiting for 5-10mins, our food finally arrived. A whole tray of it. I was quite overwhelmed especially with the size of the katsu (I ordered 180g ๐Ÿ˜œ). The pork was tender and flavorful, rice was perfectly cooked, cabbage and seasoning was addictive and the miso soup was soothing. One word to describe the experience: HEAVENLY. It was definitely worth the price I’m telling you.

I only had one refill of my cabbage since I was already full halfway through my meal. My tummy was busting but it was all good. My friend had seconds for her rice and a third serving of cabbage. It was that good.

The verdict? Obviously, this one passed with flying colors.

Do I recommend the place? Are you kidding me? Of course! If you’ve got the cash, why not? This is also a perfect place to celebrate a special occasion.

Will I visit again? Yes, when I find someone who will pay for the bill (kidding).

Location: The one I visited is at SM The Block. They have branches in SM Megamall, SM Aura, Glorietta and MOA to name a few.




Do you love ramen to the point that you dream about it? I do! I looove ramen and I’ve been on the lookout for good ramen houses here in Manila. Thank goodness for the recent increase in ramen offerings in the city, I’ve got a lot of ramen place to choose from and visit! I’m craving for ramen practically everyday so when a friend of mine told me there’s a ramen restaurant at that new mall not too far from our office I decided that we should go check it out. He forgot the name of the restaurant so we were taking a chance that it’s really good. Before we went, my friend searched it and said that the name of the place is Ikkoryu Fukoaka Ramen. I instantly flipped when I read that since I’ve read reviews of the place and an officemate told me to try it.

So on the Friday night, I set foot on the newest mall in Makati. It was pretty much empty. I think not a lot of people knows about the place at theย moment. Ikkoryu is located on the 3rd floor, thankfully there was no line outside and we were seated as soon as we arrived and were given the menu. I looked at the offerings and they all looked good. Ikkoryu specializes in tonkotsu ramen and their offerings are varied types of the original. It was quite hard to choose from all of them because I want to try a lot until I finally settled on Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen. It was recommended and I hoped it really taste good.

It did not disappoint! When a huge bowl of ramen appeared before me, I was so freakin’ excited to dig in. One sip took me to ramen cloud 9. I opted for soft noodles and wow, their noodles was perfect. There is a piece of melt-in-your-mouth chasu served with the noodles together with wood ear, green onions, bamboo shoots and dried seaweeds. All together, it was the perfect combination. I could eat another serving of that ramen but that would be gluttony!

The verdict? Even ramen-non-believers could be converted!

Do I recommend the place? Ramen enthusiasts or not, you will love this place for sure. A bowl of ramen is a bit steep at 380 bucks up but totally worth every sip.

Will I visit again? I can live here.

Location: I visited the newest branch which is at Century City Mall in Makati. They also have branches at SM Aura, Power Plant Mall and Shangrila Plaza.