So I didn’t get to post the Part 2 of my Camiguin article as promised. (Not that there are people waiting. Haha!)

Continuing on with the places worth visiting (or atleast what we visited), here they are in no particular order:

Ardent Hot Spring

Yes, there is a Hot Spring in Camiguin! Being an island born from volcanic eruption, the vents of the active volcano heats up the spring water that flows here. There are 3 pools with different depths, the water from the first pool flows to the second pool then the third and eventually gets disposed through canals. An evening visit is suggested since you don’t really want to bathe in hot water when the sun is shining down tremendously.

Walkway along the Old Volcano

This is a path carved along the mountain that you can take a stroll in. Along the path are replicas depicting Christ’s Station of the Cross. I wouldn’t recommend going all the way to the top since the heat can be exhausting. The path also provides a good view of the sea.

Sunken Cemetery


Marked by a large cross made of concrete, the cemetery went underwater when Mt. Vulcan erupted in the 1800’s. This landmark is located in the town of Catarman, and it can be viewed along the seaside when travelling from Mambajao to Catarman. The viewing deck and jump off point going to the actual cross is only a few steps away from the main road. You can opt to rent a boat which will take you to the cross or just take you picture in the view deck with the cross as a background.

Soda Swimming Pool


The name of the pool itself should give you an idea on what differentiates this pool from others. Camiguin is abundant with natural spring water which flows from the mountain and the water contained in this pool is natural soda water which flows continuously. The water here does not contain any chlorine and I guess they don’t have to clean it all the time since the water is continuously running. They also have natural soda water which is for drinking and you can get it for free! Locals say that the natural soda water is good for people with heart ailments, diabetes as well as other disease.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring


If I were asked to describe this place in one word, I would say, Refreshing! Similar to other springs here, the water flowing here is also natural and is free flowing. Its difference from the others is the temperature of the water, it is very cold! It can be compared to bathing in ice water, much, much needed during the summer months here in the Philippines. Among all the springs that we visited, this is probably the one I enjoyed the most. How I wish we also have a pool as cold as that at home so I can dip in it to battle off the unforgiving summer heat.

If you are coming from Manila or other areas in the Philippines not located in Mindanao, you can reach Camiguin by taking a plane going to Cagayan de Oro City (CDO). There are buses in CDO which can take you to Balingoan Port where you can ride the ferry going to the island.


Life in Camiguin is serene and goes in a much slower pace, perfect for relaxation for people  who want a respite from bustling city life.